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Young farmers and Safer

38 % of land is sold by Safer to install or reinforce the installation of young farmers.   

If you have access to the status of Young Farmer special resources are available to encourage the transmission of farms by Safer to young farmers:

Help with deferred acquisition of property

This help aims to enable a young farmer whose installation route is on-going, to seize an opportunity to purchase the property (the candidate cannot in fact purchase and set up before the end of the installation route and finalisation of the finance plan, on penalty of losing the right to the Young Farmers grants and to Young Farmers reduced rate loans).

Within the context of partnerships(loans and financial piggy-backing) with territorial Authorities, banking organisations and agricultural unions, Safer can purchase the property required for the projects of future YF candidates and manage it for several months.

Land can be farmed temporarily by another farmer through a Precarious and Provisional Occupancy Convention.

The young person signs a Promise to Purchase.
These operations are studied by the County Farming Orientation Commission.

Provision Convention (CMD)

This Convention guarantees security to owners in terms of the lease and maintenance in good order of their land/property.

Assistance with Transmission of Farms (ATE)

Assistance with Transmission of Farms is financial assistance granted by the State to farm managers aged between 56 and 65 years, without successor, who transmit all or part of their farm to one or several young people outside the family circle who benefit from Young Farmer’s grants.



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You need more information about the real estate activities of the Safer group? Please consider a visit on our corporate website (in french).

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