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Young Farmer’s Allowance (DJA)

This is a cash award designed to finance the take-over or creation of an agricultural operation.

The amount will be adjusted by the Prefect based on the difficulty of the installation project (geographic zone, type of production, speculation, installation outside of the family, conditions and level of take-over… € 500 may be added to this amount if the Prefect states that the aid beneficiary must technically and economically monitor their project over the first three years after installation. The Prefect must make sure that the average amounts of allocated DJA are in line with the allocated regional budget The DJA is paid in a single payment upon proof of installation.

 Plain areaLess-favoured areaMountainous area
Principal assetsMin8,000 €10,300 €16,500 €
Max17,300 €22,400 €35,900 €
Secondary assetsMin4,000 €5,150 €8,250 €
Max8,650 €11,200 €17,950 €

DJA : Dotation jeunes agriculteurs.

Useful links

• On the website for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food: Regulatory texts associated with installation (in French).

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