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Training bodies

Introductory course to farming in France : the “Vaseix” CFFPA in the Limousin region

The Maisons Familiales Rurales 
UNMFREO - Union nationale des maisons familiales rurales d’éducation et d’orientation
58 rue Notre-Dame de Lorette 75009 Paris
Tel: 01 44 91 86 86
Fax: 01 44 91 95 45

Union Nationale Rurale d’Education et de Promotion (UNREP)
UNREP - Union nationale rurale d’éducation
et de promotion

94 avenue du Général Leclerc 93500 Pantin
Tel: 01 41 83 14 20
Fax: 01 48 91 22 82

CNPR Centre National de Promotion Rurale
The CNPR is a national public correspondence course establishment run by the Ministry of Agriculture. It prepares students for certain national French agricultural diplomas resulting in the obtaining of professional skills qualifications.

Centre national de promotion rurale (CNPR)
Information desk
site de Marmilhat
rue Aimé Rudel - BP 100
63370 Lempdes
Tel:04 73 83 36 22 or 20
Fax: 04 73 61 78 66
Minitel: 3614 CNPR
E mail:

The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for agricultural education: you can access its internet site which will give you the list of all training establishments in France:

You can also contact:
(At regional level) the regional department for training and development (SRFD) :

Conseil National de l’Enseignement Agricole Privé (CNEAP)
CNEAP - Conseil national de l’enseignement agricole privé
277 rue Saint Jacques 75005 Paris
Tel: 01 53 73 74 20
Fax: 01 53 73 74 30

VIVEA Foundation for the Training of Agricultural Entrepreneurs

Once installed, you can benefit from in-service professional training, the foundation for which is named VIVEA. Each county has a VIVEA Committee which decides on training actions (generally held in groups) and finances them in all or in part.

For details of the VIVEA Committees in the counties of interest to you:

81, Bd Berthier
75 017 Paris
Tel. 0033 1 56 33 29 00 Fax 00 33 1 56 33 29 19

The SESAME network (Department for Worldwide Agricultural Exchange and Courses)

As a training organisation set up in 1990 in France by professional agricultural bodies and the Ministry of Agriculture, SESAME encourages professional and cultural exchanges between farmers worldwide.  
Within the context of exchanges of trainees with its partners abroad, SESAME enables young foreigners to carry out training courses in agriculture or related sectors in France.
6, rue de la Rochefoucauld, 75009 PARIS
Tel. 00 33 1 40 54 07 08
Fax 00 33 1 40 54 06 39
Web site:

Welcome and Advice Centre (CAC)

The CAC is the body in charge of practical management of the 6-month course in counties. For example, it keeps up to date a file of farmer instructors willing to take on trainees for 6 months.

The CAC informs trainees about regulations relating to the 6-month course and helps them to find a placement.

For the address details of the CAC in the counties of interest to you:

Contact the APCA (Permanent Assembly of Chambers of Agriculture)
Service formation
9, avenue Georges V
75 008 Paris
Tel 00 33 1 53 57 10 10 / Fax 00 33 1 53 57 10 05



Training Centres

You will find below national contacts and web sites for agricultural training bodies in France. For address details of local training centres in the counties of interest to you, contact Points Info Installation locaux (Local installation information points)

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