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Train in France with ongoing professional training

The second route to gain professional agricultural skills is ongoing professional training.

This type of training is aimed at persons over 18 years of age having at least one year of experience, as well as first-time job seekers. This allows you to add to professional experience or training you may have gained in your country and to achieve the level required for professional skills. The FPC provides a range of exams and training from training certificates to level V to Level I professional diplomas, as well as experience acquisition exams (VAE).

You must be able to provide proof your initial training level or the professional experience gained in your country. Candidates are generally recruited following an interview and a set of tests. Your previous education and experience will be identified and eventually checked. This could be in the form of short or long-term courses taken at Specialised training centres.

Individual training courses, (duration, type, content) taking into account the candidate’s acquisitions (professional skills, qualifications, diplomas…), can be designed as training plans, professionalization contracts and individual training rights (DIF)…

Positioning and the VAE also allow agricultural candidates not holding a diploma or other qualification or certificate conferring professional agricultural skills but who do hold a different diploma or have professional experience, to develop these and to obtain a diploma which confers them.

Advanced educational establishments also offer a range of non-diploma training courses. Ongoing training allows professionals to bring their knowledge up-to-date in a short period of time and to acquire new knowledge in specific areas. Furthermore, certain engineering diplomas are accessible through ongoing training designed for active professionals. The VAE also allows you to obtain advanced education agricultural diplomas.

Useful links

• For more information on professional agricultural skills go to, the web portal for French agricultural training (in French).

What type of training to chose?

Diploma training lets you obtain a State diploma or an RNCP qualification.

Qualifying training is training which does not lead to a diploma. The purpose of this is to acquire an accredited professional qualification. It is general of a short duration and can be done while employed.

Personalised training programmes, in the domain of the FPC, are implemented at the behest of individuals or companies. These meet needs for qualifications r acquiring specific skills. These types of training are generally constructed as an individualised course which take account of previous knowledge and the professional situation of the applicant.

Reset training: Reset training courses are offered to adults wishing to update their knowledge base in general or technical training disciplines.

Useful links

• For an annual overview of agricultural education in France go to, the website for French agricultural education professionals (in French).

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