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Sheep and goats

Sheep rearing is concentrated in specialised farms.

Herds reared for meat are diminishing (reduction in the number of sheep farms by 43% between 1988 and 2000).

Production by French farmers covered only 44% of consumption in 2000. The United Kingdom was France’s leading supplier of lamb/mutton in 2003.
Price of lamb on production: 4.82 € / kg in 2003
On the other hand milk-producing populations have increased (valorisation of the milk due to AOC cheese outlets).
::: Breeds
30% of ewes are the result of cross-breeding.
The most commonly found breeds:
1. Lacaune
2. Blanc du Massif central
3. Texel


France is the leading producer (and consumer) country for goat’s milk in Europe.

Where? The Poitou Charente region (n°1 region) and the Centre region are the main goat production regions.  
Herd size
Herds in Poitou Charente are amongst the largest in France (114 goats on average); average size of herds in 2003: 36 goats / farm.
Cheese production is the main way in which goat’s milk is used.



Technical-economical reference data

Chambers of agriculture publish references on production systems.

More information

For more information on these productions and on other French productions contact:
Agricultural statistics (Agreste) 


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