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The role of agriculture in France
The importance of agriculture in France

Agriculture extends over more than half of French territory.
It represents 5% of the GDP when the food industry is included.
Its massive contribution is essential in terms of both foreign trade and land occupation.
The contribution made by agriculture to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) represents one and a half times that of the car industry and that of the food industries, almost double. Overall, the weight of these two sectors in trading GDP is around 6%.

Jobs in agriculture

After Ireland and Italy, France is the EU country wherethere are the most jobs in agriculture.

  • Agricultural workers: 3.8 % of the total working population in 2004.
  • 920,000 workers in agriculture, 430,000 in the food industry, 24,000 sailors.
  • Around 20% of farmers combine agricultural work and external activities.
  • Women represented 15% of farmers in 1988 and 25% in 2000.


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