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Where to train in France?

You can chose to train either in the public or private sector.

Public education
Logo of the French Ministry in charge of Agriculture.

Public agricultural training has been overseen by the Ministry for Agriculture since it was created in 1881. This represents the second largest educational sector in France interns of the number of students, apprentices and interns in ongoing training. Public agricultural training is a complete educational system which includes technical secondary education and advanced education. It offers a variety of training courses from 3rd year of secondary school up to doctorates (passing through CAP, BEP, Baccalaureates, BTS, professional licenses, masters and engineering diplomas and veterinary and landscaping diplomas). It prepares students for jobs within the agricultural sector as well as food, the environment, sustainable development, landscaping, personal services, veterinary medicine, leisure and commerce. Diplomas offered by public establishments can be acquired through the school route, through apprenticeships, ongoing training, remote training as well as by validation of experience (VAE).

• The Ministry of Agriculture oversees public agricultural education. The information and promotional website for Public agricultural educational establishments (in French) provides a list of all establishments in France (in French):

• At the regional level you can contact the regional training and development service (SRFD). The addresses of the SFRD centres can also be found at

Useful links

• For more information on ongoing agricultural training and SRFD addresses go to, the web portal for French agricultural training (in French).

Public distance learning

You do not wish to undergo academic education, however you do wish to:

• Have access to new or more advanced qualifications

• Acquire two sets of skills

• Prepare for professional retraining

• Update your knowledge and hone your skills within a company training
programme or an individual programme

• Consolidate your knowledge in order to enter a study cycle

• Validate your skills and professional experience with a diploma from the Ministry of Agriculture

The National rural promotion centre (CNPR) and its partners the Agricultural professional training and promotion centres (CFPPA) can identify your needs and look at your professional career, help you to chose the best training course, assess your professional skills and study any exam waivers due to diplomas you already hold and advise you on finding financial aid, they can also take charge of your training.

All trainings are available online. Booklets are sent to each student in the beginning of the training session. Trainings are conceived so as to fit anyone's learning rhythm. They include an access to follow-up tools like forum, email, phone, virtual classrooms... Each student has a regular support from trainers and may participate in group sessions. Each student performs homeworks which are checked by trainers.

Useful links

• For more information on distance training go to, the French agricultural training website (in French).
• International cooperation forms a part of the agricultural training system in terms of promoting debate, hosting pupils, apprenticeships, students, internships and learners. More information about international cooperation can be found at, the information and promotional website for Public agricultural educational establishments (in French).

Private education

There are several federations which are all different.

• Rural family house (MFR)

An MFR is a training centre with an associative status which has a contract with the state or regional councils, the purpose of which is training, education and the social and professional insertion of young people and adults. There are 430 MFR training establishments which mostly teach year 4 of the professional degree course. Since they were created in 1937 they provide an alternative education system with training weeks at companies and colleges.
There around 380 MFRs in France.

Where do I go?
UNMFREO – National union of rural family houses for education and guidance
Mailing address: 58 rue Notre-Dame de Lorette - 75009 Paris - France
Phone: (+33) (0)1 44 91 86 86
Fax: (+33) (0)1 44 91 95 45
E-mail: - Web:

• National council for private agricultural education (Cneap)

The establishments overseen by Cneap (over 200 in France) from year 4 to engineering college level, which prepare people for jobs in agriculture, food production, agricultural production, livestock rearing, transformation, services, marketing, landscaping and the environment.

Where do I go?
Cneap - Conseil national de l’enseignement agricole privé
Mailing address: 277 rue Saint Jacques - 75005 Paris - France
Phone: (+33) (0)1 53 73 74 20
Fax: (+33) (0)1 56 81 02 02
E-mail: - Web:

• The national rural union for education and promotion (Unrep)

Unrep provides a certain number of services to its members, it has about one hundred educational establishments and ongoing and apprentice training centres. One of the peculiarities of Unrep is that it has several different management structures: Regional authorities, chambers of agriculture and chambers of commerce, town services and public utility foundations and associations. The range of training courses offered by member institutions includes a range of teaching styles and speeds for initial training, academic training, apprenticeships and ongoing training.

Where do I go?
Mailing address: UNREP - Union nationale rurale d’éducation et de promotion 94 avenue du Général Leclerc 93500 Pantin France
Phone: (+33) (0)1 41 83 14 20
Fax: (+33) (0)1 48 91 22 82
Email: - Web:

Please note: some private educational establishments are not affiliated either to Cneap, Unrep or UNMFREO (unaffiliated establishments).

Useful links

• For more information about the system and those involved with French agricultural teaching go to, the French website for agricultural teaching professionals.

• Evaluation of international openings in advanced agricultural training (2010, in French) on the Ministry of Agriculture's website.

• The agricultural education Internet portal (in French).

• Official texts at, the website for French agricultural training professionals (in French).

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