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How is the price of properties calculated in France?
The Safer property observatory

SAFER has set up an "Observatory of the rural property market" which is used to find out about the market value of properties by type (built, vines, meadows, forest, etc.) and which is used as a basis for estimates by the Safer advisor
To avoid over-valuations of properties and negotiate as close as possible to market reality: do not hesitate to get in touch with Safer advisors.

What is the value of a farm? Safer values

In the valuation of a farm, it is not just one valuation that is involved, but several types of valuation, depending on his interests a seller may be facing a problem that does not correspond to the sale of a farm: these various values complement one another. These criteria may also differ depending on the profile of the purchaser, based on his project.

The strict property value represents only a tiny part of the value of a farm, which must be valued from every aspect. The land and the buildings are of increasingly smaller importance: they represent only the backing for the activity, which is governed by a certain number of other contingencies.

Thus, strictly property data is no longer sufficient in today’s world, because a farm is subject to many factors other than mere property values:
  • The economic context of the farm and commercial contracts that may be attached to it
  • Environmental context
  • Property rights
  • The context in terms of the tenancy status and contracts involved (land free or not, etc...)

For over forty years Safer have been studying the property market and recording data on the property market every year.

Safer collect together valuation parameters that enable them to value a farm.


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