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The Mutualité Sociale Agricole – Agricultural Social Mutual Fund

Installation as a farmer means that you benefit from the agricultural social cover system within a professional body: the mutualité sociale agricole.
The second largest social cover system in France, the Mutualité Sociale Agricole (M.S.A.) deals with legal and complementary social cover for all those in the agricultural world (farmers and farm employees, and their families). 
In the same place the Mutualité Sociale Agricole manages all social cover for the farmer and his family.
:::> It is simultaneously a body that provides
- health cover
- family allowances,
- old age pensions,
- and it is also a collection body, dealing with the collection of contributions required for the payment of benefits.

Is affiliation to MSA obligatory?

General case

You are going to set up on a farm.
To be affiliated to the MSA you must be a non-salaried farmer working a surface area at least equal to half the SMI (minimum installation surface area) defined for the county or natural region where the farm is located. 
If the farm meets this condition, you will be subject to the agricultural social protection regime.

Double activity

In some cases, affiliation may occur according to the time devoted to the farming activity.

Co-farming or company

If you set up within the context of a joint farm or in a farm company, the size of your farm must be at least equal to as many times half the SMI as the joint farm or company contains joint farmers or partners involved in the work.

However, if you set up a joint farm or farm company with your spouse, alone or with others, this threshold is reduced, for your couple, by 20%.

Who is a farmer in France?

By definition, a structure on which a candidate plans to set up must enable him to develop farming activities.
Any individual or corporate entity who carries out activities defined as being agricultural and who is affiliated to the Mutualité Sociale Agricole is a farmer.

The main farmer must:
<< Devote over 50% of his working timeto his agricultural activity

<< Draw at least 50% of his overall incomefrom agricultural and forestry production activities and from tourist or other activitiesthat are an extension of the farming or forestry production action, and which are based on the farm.

<< Be affiliated to the Farmers Health Insurance scheme (Assurance Maladie des Exploitants Agricoles - A.M.E.X.A.) at the M.S.A.
The share of income obtained directly from production activities may not be less than 25% of the farm’s overall income.
(Decree n°96.462, 29/05/1996 – Official Journal dated 30/05/1996).

Why be affiliated to the MSA?

To have the status of farmer

To benefit from social cover for farmers:

- sickness and accidents insurance (obligatory)

- supplementary health and accidents insurance (optional)

- family allowances, pension, health and social action

Where can I find out more about SMI conditions?

To find out if you meet the half SMI conditions, in view of the nature of your activity, contact:
- either the County Agriculture and Forestry Division for the county where you intend to set up,

- or the offices of the Mutualité sociale agricole for the county where you intend to set up.

When do I have to join?

From one month before and at the latest one month after your installation.

Where do I go to join the MSA?

To join the Mutualité Sociale Agricole, get in touch with the Company Formalities Centre (C.F.E.), which will deal with your initial contacts with the MSA.


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