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In case you are looking for general advice about where to settle in France, you might contact one of our partners.

Europe Ruris | Harm Hof

Europe Ruris can help you to find a farm or rural property in France, inform and advice you on possibilities, and help you to make your installation a success.

Harm Hof

Europe Ruris
La Goupillouse
53300 Saint-Mars-sur-Colmont 
Phone: +33 2 43 00 17 06
Fax: +33 2 43 00 17 07

Eneragro | Martin Friedli

Martin Friedli
Säntisstrasse 10
8123 Ebmatingen
Tél.: +41 44 548 22 76
Courriel :

Some other useful addresses:

The Ministry in charge of Agriculture and local offices

Visit the Ministry's website.

For all regulatory and economic information, visit the website for the Ministry of Agriculture (in French) or, in each French Department, contact the Departmental Land Division (DDT), the Departmental Land and Sea Division (DDTM), or in overseas Departments (DOM), the Department for Food, Agriculture and Forestry (DAAF). Details of regional services (DDT or DDTM and DAAF) also on the website for the Ministry of Agriculture (in French).

L'Agence de Services et de Paiement

Visit the ASP website.

The Agency for services and payment (ASP) is a French public institution responsible for the implementation of national and European public policies : instruction, payment, inspections, technical assistance, monitoring, evaluation and administrative engineering.

Other useful link(s) is the essential web site for more information about partners in the French agricultural world.


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