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Intermediate management operations
Rental intermediation

The Safer can act as rental intermediaries. 
In view of the weight of real property in the cost of installation for any young farmer, the Safer have been given new means by which to take action in order to enable them to act as intermediaries in the rental field.

Leasing (rental) of land close to a farm can support the latter without leading to an excessive financial burden.
Because of their perfect knowledge of the real estate market, the Safer can act as essential intermediaries in bringing together supply and demand.
This extension to Safer's means of action thus aims not only to encourage the installation of young farmers, but also the enlargement and improvement of plots of land on small farms.
This mechanism can also be used as an addition to allocation of full ownership to the same candidate.

Diagram of the rental intermediary process

Real property piggy-backing

Safer may undertake real property piggy-backing: these stocks of real property are made by Safer within the context of the PIDIL.

Safer may, for example, store land temporarily if it is released earlier than the installation date planned by the candidate Young Farmer. This enables gradual takeover of the farm.

Temporary management of real property

Temporary management of real property means rental storage by means of an Availability Agreement:

If an owner is not in a position to rent out his property immediately, Safer may offer him the possibility of signing an availability agreement which will mean that his property is maintained until it can be leased out definitively to someone with a project or a farmer interested in the property.

The process is as follows:
  • The owner entrusts management of his property to Safer for a set period (between one and six years, period renewable)
  • It looks for a farmer with whom it signs a Temporary and Provisional Occupancy Agreement (a sort of “Safer lease”)
  • It draws up an inventory
  • In some cases it may require specifications to be followed
  • It pays the agreed fee to be paid by the farmer benefiting from the Temporary and Provisional Occupancy Agreement to the owner and deals with all formalities.



Safer operations

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