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How is the buyer chosen?

This is a concerted decision that involves the local players concerned and which is validated by the State.

Projects are examined within the framework of the Technical Committee.

What is a Technical Committee?

A Technical Committee is a consultative commission that looks at the files of candidates for the purchase of land or a farm. All projects are considered.

The Committee gives an opinion on the project that would best integrate the local fabric and Safer's public service missions.

Who is on the Technical Committee?

The technical committee comprises specifically representatives:

From agricultural organisations: chambers of agriculture, agricultural mutual banks and insurance companies, representative agricultural unions,

From Territorial Authorities: the General Council, Districts, Communities of districts and Town Hall associations,

From the State: the county director of Agriculture and the “Domaines” department.

And in some regions:

From the Regional Council,

From associations or bodies for the protection of the environment,

From notaries,

From unions of Forest Owners,

From unions of Rural Ownership

What does the Technical Committee do?

The Technical Committee gives its opinion on the projects presented, in terms of the 3 main missions of Safer, integration of the project into the local fabric, its compliance with local policy (County Master Plan for Structures), the candidate’s skill and the technical and financial solidity of his project.

Who decides in the end?

The Safer board decides: the Board of the regional Safer (*), after advice from the Technical Committee and agreement by representatives of government Commissioners.

The State validates: Government Commissioners, as State representatives, validate decisions.

Government Commissioners are representatives from the Ministries of Agriculture and Finance. Their role is to ensure compliance of the directions taken Safer with the land planning policy defined by the Public Authorities.  
(*) What is the Safer Board?
As in all companies established under private law, the Safer Board brings together its shareholders’ representatives (agricultural organisations and authorities). It directs its action and decides on operations in accordance with objectives set by Law.



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