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Dairy cows and beef

:: Where?
One suckling cow in three is in the Massif Central. The suckling population has also developed a great deal in the Pays de la Loire.
:: Size of farms and average percentage of suckling cows
In 2003, average suckling herds in France had 28 suckling cows.

:: Most commonly found breeds

1. Charolaise

The Charolaise breed population dominates in the suckling production basin which extends from the Limousin to Burgundy; it is also found frequently in the Pays de Loire.

2. Limousine

The Limousine breed is found mainly in and around the Massif Central.

3. Blonde d’Aquitaine

4. Salers

Dairy cows

:: Where?
50% of dairy production is located in the North West (Britanny, Lower Normandy). 
:: Milk quotas and the price of milk
In 2003, dairy herds had an average of 36 dairy cows.

The average level of milkquotas in France is 210,000 litres. It is constantly increasing (concentration of farms).

The milk quota in France is attached to the property, it is of no commercial value.  

The price of milk at production was around 0.30 €/l in 2003.

:: Most commonly found breeds

The Prim’holstein breed is still the most commonly found (2 in 3 dairy cows in 2000).

The 2nd most commonly found breed is the Montbéliarde (quality of milk, hardiness).

The 3rd most commonly found breed is the Normande (combination: dairy production and aptitude for beef).



Technical-economical reference data

Chambers of agriculture publish references on production systems.

More information

For more information on these productions and on other French productions contact:
Agricultural statistics (Agreste) 


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