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One in every two farms produces cereals

More than one in two farms grows cereal crops.

One third of these units specialise in major crops, covering half of the surface area.

The main cereals produced in France are common soft wheat, maize, and barley

Soft wheat

Common soft wheat is the top French cereal crop and covers over 50% of cereal growing land.

Common soft wheat crops are mainly located in the cereal plains of the Paris Basin.   

The average French yield of common soft wheat is 64 centners / ha in 2003 (1 centner = 100 kg).


Maize is used mainly for animal feed and covers around 19% of cereal-growing land.

Maize crops are located mainly in the south west and north east.

Average French yield is 71.4 centners / ha (2003 figures).


Average French yield is 56 centners / ha in 2003.

(source : Agricultural statistics | Agreste )



Technical-economical reference data

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For more information on these productions and on other French productions contact:
Agricultural statistics (Agreste) 


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