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Risks and insurance cover
For the farmer and his family

Farmer Accident Insurance (A.A.E.X.A.)
The farm manager must take out obligatory insurance cover for himself, members of his family and more generally anybody working on the farm guaranteeing:
- the cost of health care required after an accident at work or in private life, or after an illness caused by professional activities.
- a total or partial disability allowanceshould the person concerned no longer to able to work in agriculture.
Additional cover

If the farmer wants to obtain more extensive cover, he should take out additional cover that will come into play in case of:
- sick pay, by the payment of daily indemnities,
- invalidity, by the payment of an allowance or lump sum,
- death, by the payment of a lump sum to the farmer’s spouse or heirs.

In order to meet health expenses (doctors, pharmacy, …) in case of illness, the farmer can take out additional “health care expenses” cover.

Who are the beneficiaries of the AAEXA?

Only those who work on the farm are concerned:
- the farm manager or head of the farm company
- a non-salaried member of the farmor company subject to health insurance for farmers (AMEXA)
- a family assistant or partner in the farm
- the spouse, where he/she takes part in farm work (spouse benefiting from the status of spouse taking part in the work or collaborator spouse).  

- a child between the ages of 14 and 16 (and up to the age of 21 in some cases) who takes part in work on the farm occasionally benefits from a presumption of affiliation. They do not have to be registered on the membership form and no contributions are required for them. This provision applies subject to the interested parties not being declared as family assistants.

Where to apply

For further informations and contacts, visit the MSA website (in french)

For the farm

The buildings and their contents

They can be destroyed by fire or storm or damaged by flooding. They are also exposed to the risk of theft and window breakage.

To protect his interests, the farmer must choose a contract that offers a level of guarantee and excess that does not put the farm at risk.
Fire insurance covers buildings and their contents against material damage caused by a fire, lightening, electricity, storm.

Harvests and herds

The level of protection to be sought depends directly on the farm’s dominant orientation.  

the herd should be protected by “herd mortality” insurance cover.

Crop harvests can be guaranteed against hail and storm.

Automotive farm vehicles and machines

The age, value and usage made of the vehicles and equipment define the level of cover to be taken out.

For example, a farmer should choose the fullest cover possible for new equipment,particularly to cover loan reimbursements should be equipment be completely destroyed. 

Risks to third parties

Third party automotive liability insurance cover is obligatory,even for automotive agricultural machinery.
Although “third party liability, head of the family” and “third party farmer’sliability” is not obligatory, we would strongly advise you to take out this cover.

If the farmer is found liable for a serious accident, he may have to make compensation payments for many long years that can reach several millions of euros.

Obligatory or optional insurance: recapitulative

Some insurance cover is obligatory under French legislation.

Obligatory and optional insurance cover
 The farmer and his familyPropertyLiabilities
Obligatory insurance coverFarmers' Health Insurance ( A.M.E.X.A) - Farmers' accident insurance (A.A.E.X.A.)Insurance cover for works damage (guarantees against defects that may come to light within 10 years after construction of a building) - natural disaster insurance (buildings and contents, this is obligatory if fire insurance is taken out).Automotive third party liability insurance (including automotive agricultural machinery), - third party hunting liability insurance.
Optional insurance coverAdditional insurance in case of sick leave after accident or illness - invalidity insurance - death insurance - retirement insuranceInsurance cover: Fire, theft, storm, flooding, window breakages, hail on harvests, mortality of animals, breakage of machinery, loss of incomeThird party liability insurance for farm managers - Third party liability insurance for head of the family - Legal insurance



What to do

You must have insurance policies drawn up for the date of acquisition of your farm and for farm capital (herd “alive and dead”).

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