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The one-stop-desk: Departmental “information points”

Logos of Chambers of Agriculture and "Point info installation".

Since the 1st of January 2011 all public installation and transmission services for agriculture have been handled by the Chambers of Agriculture. Whether you want to follow the route to installation or not, you should get in contact with the Information Point (IIP - "Point info installation", in French) of the Chamber of Agriculture in your Department. This is the first place applicants should go when constructing a project for setting up or taking over an agricultural operation.

The role of the IIP is to provide advice and information and to provide assistance to those requiring information or who are setting up an installation project. They have a lot of customers: both young and old, holders of projects which have nothing to do with agriculture, or famer's children who want to take over the family farm or become involved with it… The IIP is open to all project holders whether they intend to follow a Personalised Professionalization Plan (PPP) or not.

Practical aspects: a single phone number

In order to simplify the first steps for agricultural project holders, the French Union of Young Farmers, in collaboration with agricultural organisations, has provided a single phone number which can be used to contact all the Installation Information Points (IIP) in France: (+33) (0)820 222 935 (€ 0.09/minute exc. taxes). An answering service will ask you to enter a Department number. When you key in the number your call will be forwarded to the Installation Info Point for the chosen Department.

“iTrace” advice areas in Chambers of Agriculture

The Chambers of Agriculture are progressively launching new areas especially for agricultural project holders, newly installed farmers, sellers, local authorities and agricultural industries, which will be called iTrace. Hotlines will be answered by Chamber advisors and installation partners such as the Installation Info Point (IIP) staff. A range of free services will be on offer as well as some paying ones. Other services will include finding internships and assistance with searches for land by registration with the Installation and Transfer Registry.

Some other useful contacts may be found on our Resources top entry.

Useful links

• Details of Installation Information Points in France can be found here (PDF).

"National installation and transfer observatory: monitoring tomorrow’s agriculture today"(Chambers of Agriculture's website, 27/2/2012, in French).

To be able to open PDF documents you may need to download and install the free Adobe Reader software.

• Consider a visit of the official French website, You will find many precious informations about this country in various languages.

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