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Legal status
Choosing your legal status

Choosing your status (individual or as a company) and then, where applicable, choosing the type of company that is right for your installation project requires a large amount of information and a great deal of thought.

The information given on this web site will give you a general overview.

For more information and to receive advice and make the right choice, contact local agricultural bodies: legal and fiscal departments at Management Centres at Chambers of Agriculture or Rural Economy Centres.

In an individual farm:

Farming activity is carried out by one farmer alone or with members of his family.  

The latter may then have the status of:
collaborator spouse
- family assistant
- partner in the farm or employees.

There is no distinction made between the farmer’s personal assets and his professional assets.  

The farmer and all his assets are liable for the debts of his company.

The farm must include buildings and sufficient means of production.

Farming as a company

The company: advantages and disadvantages
Facilitates the association of different generations (parents - children),The company is a corporate entity.
> can allow for improvement in farming conditions: grouping of resources, sharing of working time, Constitution is more complex.
> separates private assets from professional assets,Various legal rules must be complied with in the functioning of a company: internal regulations and articles of association must be drawn up, meetings must be held between members of the association.
> ensures the lasting nature of the structure by means of a more gradual transmission of elements within the farm,  
> non-farming members of a family, or third parties can enter certain types of companies.  
> Tax advantages:  
> Economic advantages: 
- the property is remunerated as an owner, 
- the partner's account is remunerated (profits are re-injected into the farm), 
- interest in the results of non-farmer capital contributors 



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