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Buying with Safer, how much does it cost?
Safer intervention fees

Safer resources come mainly from their fees for intervening in property operations.

If you purchase an agricultural property via Safer, intervention fees will therefore be invoiced to you.

You can obtain the individual scale of intervention fees from each Safer.

These costs are on average between 6 and 12% of the purchase price.

When you buy an agricultural property through Safer, you benefit from tax advantages if you commit to maintaining the agricultural purpose of the property: you are exonerated from registration duties (4.80% of the purchase price).

Fees for the purchase of a property to be paid to the notary

The following fees must be paid to the notary’s office dealing with the deed of purchase:

Notary’s fees

Safer buys and re-sellsagricultural land or properties. However, two deeds are not necessarily required: Safer can perform a substitution. In this case a single deed is required and you then pay the fees for only one deed.

Cost of publication at the mortgage office

Registration duty (or conveyance duty): if you purchase a property via Safer, you are exonerated from conveyance duty.

Other possible costs

Costs linked to the drawing up of rural leases or the formation of a company, if the notary deals with it.



The first role of Safer

To contribute to the development of agricultural activity

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