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Buying with Safer

The Safer work across the whole of French territory and 3 in overseas counties.
Safer are non-profit making limited companies.
They carry out a public service mission.
Created by the agricultural orientation laws of 1960 and 1962, they have over 40 years experience in the field: land planning is organised through their real estate work and dialogue set up between those involved in the rural world.
The land market in France is controlled; it is governed by a structures policyimplemented since the sixties. It is within this context that Safer were created.

Some figures

3 overseas 
1 000 staff  
members of county technical committees

84,000 ha bought and sold annuallyi.e. around 22.9 % of the land market

9 600 acquisitions per year, of which 15 % by pre-emption and 6 % by exchange
87 % of land area resold for agricultural use
38 % of land resoldin favour of installation
37 %
of initial installations outside the family circle, are accompanied by Safer.
Over 3,700 agreements signed with the authorities
over 1,400 ha allocated to the protection of nature and the environment 
5,580 provision agreements, covering 69,000 ha 



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