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Assisted installation : principles

European Union (EU) nationals under 40 years of age who want to move into agriculture in France with assistance from the State and the EU can benefit from an adapted training programme. A new “Installation course” was set up in 2009 with the implementation of the Personalised Professionalization Plan (PPP). The PPP provides a good overview of the details of the installation project and the skills acquired by the farmer during training.

Main stages of assisted installation

This course is an aid to training and helps candidates to find the resources they need to complete their project. Several major stages can be distinguished.

Advice for candidates at Installation Information Points (IIP) and self-diagnostics

The IIP is a "one stop shop" for advice in the Departments of France and can be accessed by anyone. A counsellor provides the applicant with a self-diagnosis questionnaire to help them position themselves and move their project forward. The applicant fills in their qualifications and level of experience as well as the general conditions of their case. Once filled in the self-diagnosis questionnaire is sent to two counsellors chosen by the applicant from a departmental list.

Creation and production of the Personalised Professionalization Plan (PPP)

A PPP can be requested by applicants benefitting either from installation assistance from the State or the EU, or assistance provided by the regional authorities under the Pidil framework. The PPP is based on an examination of the candidate’s skills with respect to the project as well as the self-diagnosis test and one or more interviews with IIP counsellors. A range of actions will be proposed to the candidate (training, internships) to allow for installation under the best possible conditions.

The PPP will have aspects which are common to all candidates, including a group course lasting 21 hours (minimum). This course is used to identify information and resources which are available to them to finish the project.

The PPP must be approved by the Prefect before commencing the project. The candidate then has three years in which to do it. A counsellor will provide assistance throughout the process.

Creation of the operations development plan (ODP)

The ODP is a provisional financial and technical study which must demonstrate the viability of the candidate after five years. It must include the legal, financial and economic terms of the project. In order to apply for installation assistance the young person, at the end of five years, must be earning a professional income of between one and three times the minimum wage (net of social contributions). As with the PPP, the ODP must be approved by the Prefect.

This document is a significant part of the process of getting aid. The ODP can be a useful tool for young people during their installation and beyond.

Procedural and assignment conditions

In order to benefit from installation assistance (DJA and subsidised loans), the young farmer must fulfil a set of conditions:

Personal conditions

Besides acquiring professional agricultural skills (the commitment is to acquire them in three years), you must:

• Be between 18 and 39 years old;

• Be a French national a national of another member State of the European Union, nationals of non-member countries must provide proof of a work permit allowing them to work in France for a minimum of 5 years from the date of installation. Foreign persons wishing to operate an agricultural company in France must obtain authorisation and a professional management card. This card is payable (duty stamp). Each card will specify the type of operation the foreign person is authorised to establish as well as the family members the foreign person has declared to be living and working with him, and the nature and conditions of the activities he may perform, as applicable. Said authorisation and professional card can be obtained either from the Ministry of Agriculture or, by assignment, from the regional Director of Agriculture and Forestry of the Department in which the company is based;

• The size and cost of the operation should be such that all conditions relating to the social welfare scheme for non-salaried persons working in agricultural professions can be met, AMEXA;

• The personalised Professionalization Plan (PPP) must have been drafted. The PPP must be approved by the Prefect before submitting your application for installation assistance.

Conditions related to the project

• You must write an Operational Development Plan (ODP) covering the first 5 years and showing the technical and economic aspects of the new company, the evolution of activities and the plan for financing investments;

• The establishment of a business which provides sufficient revenue after 5 years following installation (at least the net annual minimum wage);

• For an individual installation, the operation must constitute an independent economic unit with its own buildings and sufficient production methods;

• Installation can be done in the form of a company;

• Installation can be done as a main or secondary occupation.

Commitments of the recipient

A candidate installing himself either individually or as a company undertakes to comply with the following commitments for a period of 5 years:

• To remain a farmer for a minimum period of 5 years under the conditions set out in the ODP;

• To keep a set of accounts;

• To remain farming as a main occupation if he has obtained a full rate DJA, or as a secondary occupation if the DJA is for this;

Other commitments must be fulfilled for a shorter duration (3 years):

• All equipment used must be kept in compliance with regulations relating to environmental protection;

• The minimum health and hygiene and animal welfare standards must be met within a period of 3 years.

Administrative procedure

• Submission of application: The candidate must send the application to the Prefect (DDT or DDTM) for approval of professional skills (diplomas acquired, internships completed, PPP validated);

• The chamber of Agriculture is responsible for preliminary procedures. After processing by the DDT or DDTM, the dossier will be examined by the Departmental Agricultural Guidance Commission (CDOA) after which the Prefect will make the decision to award assistance;

• The award will be paid by the Payment services agency (ASP) once installation has been proven.

Useful links

Circular of 9 September 2011– Methods for managing changes to the ODP in the framework of installation assistance on the Minitry of Agriculture's website (in French).

Conditions for the award of installation aid (Article D343-4 of the Rural and Sea Fishing Code -, in French).

• The Decree of 9 January 2009 relating to the Personalised Professionalization Plan (provided for in article D. 343-4 of the Rural and Sea Fishing Code,, in French): Details of regional services (DDT or DDTM and DAAF) on the Ministry of Agriculture website (in French).

Contact a departemental Installation information point.

Contact a DDT or DDTM.

Payment services agency's website (ASP, website in French).

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