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Social cover | Health insurance | Accidents at work
Health insurance | AMEXA

Just like any person with social cover, the farmer and his family have the right to health insurance cover: reimbursement of medical and pharmaceutical expenses.

The social insurance card, which is renewed every year, justifies these rights under the agricultural regime.

The case of agricultural employees

Agricultural employees benefit from Social Insurance (ASA) that covers health insurance, maternity benefit, invalidity insurance and death insurance.
They are covered for accidents at work and illness resulting from professional activities.

AMEXA is obligatory

Farmers’ Health Insurance (AMEXA) is used to reimburse some of the medical expenses incurred in case of illness or accidents during the private life of the farmer, his/her spouse and family.
AMEXA includes: health insurance, maternity benefit, invalidity insurance.


The “carte vitale”

A smart card, known as the “carte vitale”, will be issued to you on registration. It will prove your rights under the terms of the social protection regime.

A paper certificate will be issued to you at the same time as the “carte vitale”; keep it carefully! It will prove your rights to health professionals who do not yet have the equipment required for reading the “carte Vitale”.

Accidents at work: AATEXA

Cover for accidents at work and illness due to professional activities is now part of the obligatory social protection, since 1st April 2002, further to a reform of the AATEXA (Farmers’ Accidents at Work Insurance).

The Mutualité Sociale Agricole can now also cover the farmer for accidents at work and illness due to professional activities, through the AATEXA, Farmers’ Accidents at Work Insurance (previously a contract had to be taken out with an insurance company).

Which people are covered by AATEXA?

A.A.T.E.X.A. covers
- the farm manager
- his/her spouse when he/she has the position of collaborator spouse or participant spouse
- his/her children aged 14 to 16 years who participate occasionally in farm work.

What does AATEXA cover?

A.A.T.E.X.A covers:
- accidents at work or on professional journeys
- illness due to professional activities
It gives a right to:
- daily compensation for the farm manager
- a permanent incapacity allowance for the victim

Family allowances

All families expecting a child or who are educating and caring for one or several children can benefit from one or several types of family allowance.
This aid, which is mostly subject to conditions of resources, can be supplemented by a housing allowance.
Family benefits enable you to benefit from help with caring for your children, such as family allowances.
Level of family allowances in 2004
One child: no allowance
Two children: 112.59 € / month
Three children: 256.83 € / month
For each additional child: 144.24 €
Young child allowances  
Housing allowance
There are family benefits that are granted to students over the age of 20 (help with holidays, etc.).

Retirement benefits


They can benefit from full-rate retirement pension as from the age of 60:
if they have worked enough years (150 quarters in 1998),
or if they are recognised as being unfit for work.

Agricultural employees

Any agricultural employee who receives social cover can claim, from the age of 60, a retirement pension that is calculated according to:
- the average annual salary (SAM)
- a rate that varies according to the age and length of insurance
- length of the insurance (periods contributed or assimilated).

People recognised as being unfit for work can claim a full-rate retirement pension.


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