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Production systems
Agriculture in France

Agriculture covers overhalf French territory (UAS: 51% of the total surface area of France).

Distribution of Useful Agricultural Surface (UAS):  
:: Arable land: 62%

:: Permanent grass land: 34% 

:: Permanent crops
: 4%

:: Woods and forests
: 15.5 million ha (increasing every year)
75% of forestry areas are privately owned.

60% of farms are dairy/beef, major crop or wine-growing farms...

Almost six out of ten farms specialise in major crops, wine-growing or dairy/beef rearing. Concentration affected dairy producers initially.

The latitudes at which France is situated, and the distribution of land cultivated means that extremely various crops can be grown, both North European and Mediterranean type.

Agricultural orientations



Technical-economical reference data

Chambers of agriculture publish references on production systems.

More information

For more information on these productions and on other French productions contact:
Agricultural statistics (Agreste) 


Targeted information on your county on the ADASEA site !

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