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Obtaining French professional agricultural skill qualifications
What are professional farming skills (PAS)?

The acquisition of PAS is just one of the conditions the candidate must meet (except under exceptional circumstances) in order to receive national and European assistance for farming establishments. PAS are acquired in the case that the candidate fulfils the diploma conditions and has written a Personal Professionalization Plan (PPP).

The required training level

Currently the diploma required to benefit from assistance from the State and the European Union for agricultural facilities is a level IV agricultural diploma or qualification, e.g. the professional baccalaureate with the “farm management and operation” option, or the agricultural technical certificate (BTA). The Decree of 6 April 2009 (amended on 25 January 2012) sets out the list of diplomas and qualifications required for the award of professional agricultural skills. Candidates must be in possession of a diploma as of the date their PPP is validated, not the date of installation.

Progressive acquisition of PAS

The candidate may be awarded an additional period of time in order to acquire the required diploma level. The following conditions must be met.

• When applying for aid, any of the following:
- You must hold a Professional agricultural studies certificate (Bepa), the Professional agricultural certificate (BPA) or an equivalent diploma, qualification or certificate.
- You must have achieved an average grade of at least 8/20 in BTA, BTSA, Series D or technical Baccalaureate in the "agricultural and environmental science and technology series" (STAE), a CGEA Professional baccalaureate, in horticultural or farm equipment work.
- Or you must hold a level IV non-agricultural diploma (equivalent to baccalaureate) or a recognised diploma under exceptional circumstances as a participant of the CPA.

• You must undertake to take training within a period of three years from the date of installation, with a view to acquiring the CGEA or BPREA professional baccalaureate or a diploma appearing on the list of the Decree of 6 April 2009;

• Your Personal Professionalization Plan (PPP) has been approved by the Prefect and must include the training and professionalization actions undertaken in order to acquire the diploma. The candidate must have completed the obligatory group internship for a minimum of 21 hours.

• Justify the need for installation, either for a reason of force majeure or for personal reasons (specify in a covering letter). Aid payment methods are slightly different when PAS are acquired on a progressive basis.

Obtaining PAS if you already have agricultural qualifications from your country of origin

In order to receive certain types of assistance (in particular the investment plan etc.), certain qualifications are required, however these may eventually be replaced or completed by professional experience.

Who do I contact?

In the Department you are interested in: The Departmental information point (generally located in the Department Chamber of Agriculture, see Contacts) or the Departmental Land Division (in some Departments this is known as the Departmental Land and Sea Division (DDT(M)). These organisations will help you to gather the necessary documents and will send your dossier to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (see Resources / Other bodies).

How long does it take?

Once your application has been submitted it will take at least two months to get a response.

Obtaining PAS when you have no agricultural qualifications but have already been a farmer

You can take training either in France or remotely and attend internships in order to acquire professional agricultural skills. In order to receive certain types of assistance certain qualifications are required, however these may eventually be replaced or completed by professional experience.

Useful links

• For more information on professional agricultural skills go to, the web portal for French agricultural training (in French).

• The information site for the validation of experience acquired in the farming sector (in French):

• The list of diplomas, qualifications and certificates conferring Professional agricultural skills when attached to the Personal Professionalization Plan (PPP) for candidates born on or after the 1st of January 1971 (article in Appendix I); The list of diplomas, qualifications and certificates with a level at least equal to the professional agricultural study certificate (Bepa) and the Professional agricultural certificate (BPA) conferring Professional agricultural skills for candidates born before 1971 (article in Appendix II) at (in French).

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