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Who are we?
Fédération nationale des Safer

The group comprises 26 Safer, working across the whole of French territory: 23 in continental France and 3 in overseas counties.
Safer are non-profit making limited companies.
They carry out a public service mission.


Created by the agricultural orientation laws of 1960 and 1962, they have over 40 years experience in the field: land planning is organised through their real estate work and dialogue set up between those involved in the rural world.

The land market in France is controlled; it is governed by a structures policyimplemented since the sixties. It is within this context that Safer were created.

One of the priorities of the French agricultural policy is to encourage installation outside the family circle, in order to ensure satisfactory renewal of farm managers. Numerous European candidates are looking for opportunities for setting up as farmers in France and contribute to installations outside the family circle.

It is therefore a matter of facilitating access to full information in a single place on the conditions of access to the job of farmer in France and of enabling them to register for the network of offers that correspond to what they are looking for.


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