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European farmers in France
Number of foreign national farm managers

Source INSEE (data obtained from surveys)
The number of foreign national farm managers199119962001
Number of foreign farm managers1010043696715
Total percentage of the number of farmers in France0.90.51.1

Number of foreign national “Young farmers” setting up

Number of foreign candidates benefiting from “Young Farmer” grants per year :

around 46 / year(annual average between 2000 and 2004), i.e. around 0.73% of the total number of installations benefiting from Young Farmer grants per year in France.

(source Cnasea)

Acquisitions of rural properties by foreign candidates

90% of foreign buyers in the French rural market come from the European Union and Switzerland.

85% of foreign buyers come from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands or Belgium.

The largest share of buyers (in number) are those of British nationality, both on the agricultural and non-agricultural markets (country houses).

Numbers of acquisitions

1.5% of the French agricultural market in 2004

14.3 % of the country house market in 2004
85% of purchases made by foreigners take place on the non-agricultural market, mainly on the country house market.

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